Friday, 22 September 2017

Cyprus Birding Tours

Offering guided Cyprus Birding & Wildlife Tours full day and interesting Tours around Cyprus.

We offer private Cyprus Birding Tours & Wildlife Tours, (Nature safaris). We can set up custom watching  and photography tours all over Cyprus, exploring  its unique  biodiversity  with one of the most expert guides of the island

 We will provide you an informative entertaining, and interactive experience that will leave you with memories to last for a lifetime.

Half-day and full-day trips are offered in our comfortable 4x4 off road vehicles, in which we take our customers into some of the best and most secret areas in Cyprus. All the locations we will visit were found after many years of explorations and thousand of kilometers driven.

Experienced wildlife & Nature  guides (Xrysanthos Konstantinou and Michael Hadjiconstantis) will pick you up from  your hotel and bring you back at the end of our excursion.

We offer trips that are not prearranged they are tailor made to your interests.

As an example you could choose to visit and see the endemic Cyprus mouflons during our excursion we will choose and add  other interesting things to see on our way there.

Part of our tour is also to provide you with copies of photos of the wildlife and nature we will see in our trip in case you don't have your own equipment at no extra cost, 

Expert knowledge of Cyprus biodiversity, We can give you detail on all creatures plants we will see in our trip with their scientific names and full details,

Home made Sandwiches are offered during our trip,

Please contact us with your requirements and the specific needs that you may have, We will create trips that will focus on wildlife and nature viewing, We will  set up our excursion program the dates that you want upon our availabiliy,

Xrysanthos and Michael are active member to the NGO Society of the Protection of Natural Heritage and Biodiversity of Cyprus.()

Xrysanthos Konstantinou  is a son of George and Fani Konstantinou, master of Cyprus biodiversity (Biography George and Fani Konstantinou) as he was growing up he was brought up appreciating nature and learning how to respect it and learned in detail about the birds, animals, plants, insects, reptiles, mammals of Cyprus.

Michael Hadjiconstantis studied about forestry and is a specialized  researcher for insects with unique  knowledge about the spiders of Cyprus, has excellent knowledge about the biodiversity of Cyprus. 

All the photos bellow, Links and videos are from our website and will give you a good idea of what we can arrange to see in our exursion,

Share our passion about nature and visit with us the best the wildlife moments that Cyprus can offer

We promise you that you will leave an unforgettable experience  with us and the best our island has to offer

Book it now with the best price.

We are your local contact that has the experience and the expertise to take you to the most remote and secret areas of Cyprus, if you want us to take you out and show you the wildlife & Nature of Cyprus please contact us for a lifetime experience.





Biodiversity of Cyprus on youtube

1 Biodiversity of Cyprus by NGO Protection of the Natural Heritage and the Biodiversity of Cyprus

2 Reptiles and amphibians of Cyprus 

3 Mammals of Cyprus

The rich and rare biodiversity of Cyprus  includes 1950 plants(), 650 , 250   fishes, more than 6.000  , 409  including , 30  , 8  , 11 , three amphibians (),120 ,  estimated 5-8 thousandand and three ,

The Cyprus  displays a great variety of styles. The coast has large open bays and precipitous cliffs and rocks. There are sandy beaches and shingle beaches. The precipitous mountains are mainly tree-covered to their peaks. The rest of the island is fertile hilly country.

Amazing  beaches

Amazing sunset - Cyprus in a Sunset View
See Five finger mountain
                                See Troodos mountain

 The  include a total of 409 species,  including  

Endemic birds  

Cyprus Warbler (Sylvia melanothorax) 

Cyprus has five Endemic Sub-Species of Bird

Important Bird Areas of Cyprus

Achna Dam - Larnaca Salt Lake - Fassouri Marsh - Kouklia dam - 

Kensington cliffs - Oroklini Lake - Cape Greco -  Cape Apostolos Andreas Cape Kormakitis - Larnaca Sewage Works Agios Loukas Lake at Ammochostos - Athalassa Lakes

Cyprus, one of the hotspots of Mediterranean biodiversity. The  comprises 1633 indigenous taxa (species and subspecies), 140  , 246 introduced taxa occuring in the wild, 48 hybrids and 85 species with unclear status.

List of Endemics plants of Cyprus

 50 species of 

Reptiles and amphibians
The Cyprus Reptiles includes 8 snakes, 11  lizards three amphibians (frogs)
 and three turtles

 8 species of Snakes 

The eight snakes of Cyprus

11 species of Lizards

The eleven lizards of Cyprus

3 species of Amphibians
 3 species of Turtles

 The Cyprus  includes 30 species

19 species of Bats -  

Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus monachus)

Red fox (Vulpes vulpes)

More than 6.000 species of  

50 species of  Butterflys  

Beautiful Caterpillars

More than 1.000 species of Moths

Two endemic species of Scorpions 

Buthus kunti - Mesobuthus cyprius 

A hundreds species of spiders
 of Cyprus

More than 120 species of land Snails 
 of Cyprus

Fungi estimated 5-8 thousandand species

More than 250 species of marine fishes

More than 650 species of sea shells

Cyprus prehistoric biodiversity (Fossils)
Fossils can only be seen no collection and digging is allowed by local regulations and laws. 

Fossils of Cyprus dwarf elephant (Palaeoloxodon cypriotes)

One of our vehicles in action

We are your local contact that has the experience and the expertise to take you to the most remote and secret areas of Cyprus, if you want us to take you out and show you the wildlife & Nature of Cyprus please contact us for a lifetime experience.


  1. I am new to Cyrpus, coming from South Africa, and Konstantinou has been really amazing helping me find all sorts of wildlife in Cyprus. He has made it his life's work to discover all that Cyprus has to offer, and it is great fun heading out looking for all the different species! I am looking forward to our next outing together.


    1. Great guys that really knows Cyprus and it's wildlife.
      Can't speak highly enough if them.
      Did great photography with them.

  2. I am from Greece and I have been visited many times Cyprus but with Constantinou and Hadjikostantis was great.
    They are excellent on touring and the can make you love this island
  3. If ever there is a complete encyclopaedia written about the flora and fauna of Cyprus, its Churches and Monasteries, its prehistoric fossil history, its picturesque villages, its unique rock formations, then it would still not contain as much knowledge as is in George Konstantinou's brain. The man is unique. His company a gem. I thoroughly recommend a trip with him!
  4. Just meeting Konstantinou is quite an experience. Having a tour around Cyprus’ nature with him as a guide is unforgettable. I had one of these for birding today. I saw hundreds of birds, 6 great birding sites, 9 new for me species, 1 endemic for Cyprus, 1 endemic lizard, caves, cliffs and many more. Most valuable of all, what can not be said in numbers or even words - what one feels around people who love the land and all that lives or lived on it.
    Last but not least - the famed home made sandwiches - as good as they come in, at least, Western Palearctic!

  5. Thank you to George who gave us a memorable birding day. August is a hot month when lots of the birds are missing in action. George took us to a spot where we got a few of the endemics and I was thrilled. He knows his birds and knows where to find them.